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    Blog Posts — date night

    My Partner And I Created Card Games That Help “Rehab” The Art Of Conversation

    My Partner And I Created Card Games That Help “Rehab” The Art Of Conversation

    How We Came Up With Rehab.

    About 6 years ago, my boyfriend, James Schlimmer, had his best friend and his wife over for drinks. At the time, the friend and the wife were having some communication issues. James realized that the night ahead was going to be awkward and stale if his friend and his friend’s wife weren’t on good terms. So what did he do? He broke out a legal pad and a deck of playing cards. On the pad of paper, he wrote down 52 open ended questions that corresponded to the cards on the table. Each “game player” had to pick up a card and answer the question that matched on the pad.

    As the night went on, James’ friend and his friend’s wife were opening up those lines of communication. At times even, both of them would reach over and touch the other on the arm or kiss on the cheek. By the end of the game, the wife said “Wow, I feel like I just went through Rehab, you know, couples therapy.”

    The idea of the game stuck with James and it wasn’t until he met me (Ashley Chaffee) that we took that idea and made it into a tangible reality thus the birth of Rehab Gaming USA™ and our first game; Rehab-a couples release™.

    Here’s the skinny on our games.

    In a society that is controlled by smart phones and instant gratification, we have lost sight of the importance of face to face communication. Whether it is communication with your partner, family, or friends, we feel more comfortable expressing our thoughts behind a keyboard and screen instead of verbalizing our ideas in person. We created Rehab Gaming USA™ to address these issue. Our card games are designed to help “game players” focus on communicating with each other in a non-intimidating way by asking fun, serious, and sometimes silly questions. Thus ‘rehabbing’ the art of communication and getting back to basics.

    Rehab-a couples release™, is a couple’s card game that is designed to promote genuine interaction and entertainment between couples. A couples release™ can be played one on one for date night, or in a group setting. The game is 100% PG rated so feel free to play it with the in-laws or when your adult children bring over their significant other(s). The game asks relevant questions that were created by us, a real life couple, that allows each player to discuss topics that our partners want to hear. The game is guaranteed to bring you closer and help spark the conversations that get lost in the normal day to day tasks.

    Why this game is so relevant? We had a lady buy our deck, she has been married for 55 years and came back and told us that after playing with her husband, they remembered why they fell in love. We are also a lot cheaper than couples therapy. In all seriousness, we want couples to open those lines of communication and get closer.

    65% of Marriages End in Divorce...What do you have to lose?

    65% of Marriages End in Divorce...What do you have to lose?

    NAPLES, Fla., Jan. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Couples across the U.S. are discovering the secret to falling even more in love (or back in love) with each other. Want to know what it is? A simple, yet effective card game, called Rehab-a couples release.

    About six years ago, real estate executive James P. Schlimmer of Naples, FL, needed a way to help his best friend through some marriage troubles—he and his wife were struggling to communicate healthily and productively. Schlimmer came up with a fairly simple way to change the couple's relationship for the better.

    Schlimmer decided to write and number questions such as, "What was the funniest moment of your relationship?" and "Describe the last time you were proud of your partner," on a legal pad of paper to correlate with a deck of cards laid out in the middle of the dining room table. Playing the game helped the couple stop bickering, and start remembering happy moments in their relationship and why they fell in love in the first place. At the end of the evening, his friend's wife told him "I feel like we went to Rehab, you know, couples therapy."

    Years went by and Schlimmer kept noticing how many couples could benefit from a PG-rated ice-breaking card game, designed specifically for couples. "I was able to see that most games marketed to couples were raunchy, and did nothing to address the true problem facing couples," said Schlimmer. According to health professionals, lack of communication is the number one reason why relationships fail and leads to 65 percent of all divorces.

    It wasn't until Schlimmer mentioned the game to his girlfriend, sports marketer, Ashley Chaffee, that the idea turned into something they could sell—and that people would actually buy. "It was obvious to see that a couples game that had the flexibility to be played at home dinner parties among friends, with in-laws over the holidays, or even one-on-one over a bottle of wine, didn't exist," said Chaffee.  And that's how their card game, Rehab-a couples release™, was born.

    How does the game work? There are 52 cards: 48 cards with questions on them and four "social cards" that give the players time to clink glasses, or even share a kiss. Whether you're looking for a relationship fix, or you just want to get to know your partner in a deeper more meaningful way, Rehab-a couples release™ is the bridge to bring you closer.

    "With our culture's reliance on texting, smart phones, and tablets. The art of communication, is evaporating," says Chaffee. "Rehab-a couples release™ forces couples to look each other in the eyes, and genuinely interact. "In a way, it is magical to see couples of any age play the game, and over the course of an hour, watch them inch closer and closer together, laugh uncontrollably, and cement their bond."

    How to Do Date Night

    How to Do Date Night

    I don’t know about you, but with the kids and schedules and life in general, it’s hard to do a date night. By the time Friday night comes around, both of us are wiped and the last thing we want to do is get all dolled up for a night on the town. I know from experience, I’d rather go to bed by 8:30! And let’s not even get started on the babysitter issue! Date nights takes work, A LOT OF WORK! Work that, at the end of the day, I really don’t want to put in.

    But I do…and its ESSENTIAL to any relationship. Taking the time for just the two of you to reconnect and have a moment away from the kids and schedules and life in general. I’m not saying every date night has to be some extravagant night on the town, but if you are not doing date night at least once a month, you need to start! Couples nowadays get so caught up in life that they forget about each other. They forget that they have a partner to help them through the crap of every day. We have all these things that take our attention away from our relationships that we suffer overall. Married couples become “roommates” instead of lovers, we lose the spark if we don’t take the time and the effort to invest in our relationship.

    Date night is one of those tools that helps us reinvest in our relationship.  It helps us generate the spark and keep the intimacy going and if you aren’t doing it, I encourage you to start today. Here are some ideas to help you get the date night going:

    -Dinner and a movie

    -Night out for drinks

    -Go to a local concert

    -If you live by the beach, have a picnic at sunset

    -Do a night in without the kids there, where you rent your favorite movie, open a bottle of wine, and play a couple’s game

    -Go for a scenic drive

    -Try something that neither of you have never done

    Your relationship with thank you. Your intimacy level will increase and you will have a new level of respect since you both took the time to MAKE TIME for each other. I hope this helps!