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    Prime for Innovation

    Prime for Innovation
    Southwest Florida could be one of the nation's leading hotbeds of creative startups by young entrepreneurs. Rehab Gaming USA's creators discuss starting Rehab in Naples, FL.

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    Naples Daily News Follow Up Interview-Rehab-a family's release Launch

    Naples Daily News Follow Up Interview-Rehab-a family's release Launch

     A North Naples couple is rolling the dice on another card game.

    The game is a follow-up to one they introduced in mid-October. Their first game, called Rehab-A Couple's Release, is a feel-good PG-rated game designed to get couples talking, laughing — and maybe even kissing.

    The new edition, launched last week — Rehab-A Family's Release — is therapy for families.

    Creators James Schlimmer and fiancée Ashley Chaffee are taking it on a media tour across the state to spread the word and generate interest by appearing on morning TV news shows.

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    Chaffee knows firsthand how difficult it can be to reach children, especially when they aren't your own. She is about to become a stepmother to Schlimmer's 11-year-old son, "Little James," and she sees the game as a way for families, especially blended ones like hers, to get closer.

    "For the longest time, it was Little James and James, so when you add me to the mix, you still feel like an outsider," she said. "It's that mucky water. You don't know where you fit in. You don't know what conversations you can have."

    Read the rest of the article here: http://www.naplesnews.com/story/news/2017/03/30/north-naples-couple-promoting-their-second-card-conversation-game/99832094/

    Fit Project Magazine Features Rehab-a couples release

    Fit Project Magazine Features Rehab-a couples release

    It is not only singles that struggle with Valentine's Day...

    Many coupled individuals will stand in the card aisle of the grocery store looking through the oozing romance and feel despair because they no longer look at their other half that way. Valentine's Day can be a sad and painful reminder that their relationships, once filled with so much love and adoration, have no been reduced to bickering, nagging and fighting. 

    Failure to communicate is the primary reason for relationship failure. Additionally, our societal changes over the past several decades have bred individuals whom believe that happiness and love are the same. However, it is impossible to be happy with your partner all the time. This does not mean that the love is lost; rather, it simply means that some of the original magic has waned. Sometimes, couples may only need a new or better way to communicate or they may need the opportunity to see their partner through the rose-colored glasses they wore upon first meeting. 

    A North Naples couple wants to help you bring back that loving feeling and reopen real communication instead of enduring the same argument for the millionth time. 

    James Schlimmer and Ashley Chaffee created a simple, yet effective card game, called Rehab- a couples release. 

    this easy, no pressure game includes 52 cards; 48 question cards and 4 social cards that give the players time to clink glasses or even share a kiss. Whether you're looking for a relationship fix or you just want to get to know your partner in a deeper, more meaningful way, rehab-a couples release is the bridge to bring you closer. 

    Fit Project Mag staff took the opportunity to play a round over dinner one night and found that it opened a different level of communication with questions that you may not think to ask another couple, such as if they ever doubted their relationship would work. Originally, one couple felt silly but once the barriers were down, it became enjoyable to learn about where their love started and prompted that loving feeling all over again. 

    Rehab- a couples release is available online for $17.95 at www.RehabGamingUSA.com