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    Want the best couples game? Well get ready to take your relationships through Rehab!  Rehab, a Couples Release, is a couples game that is designed to promote genuine interaction and entertainment between couples.  In fact, Rehab is the Best social interaction game for couples on the market. 

    Let's face it, corporate events, dinner parties, social gatherings, or even couples night among close friends creates a lot of pressure on all parties to carry on meaningful conversation. For the most part, this type of forced conversation is stale, monotonous, and leaves you counting the seconds until you can check your phone for exciting new recipe ideas. We all need icebreakers to get us started, Rehab, A Couples Release, is a couples game focused on breaking down those walls and allows you to get to know your friends and your partner more than you thought possible. 

    Rehab- a couples release allows couples to reconnect and reminisce, explore each others thoughts and connect with your partner on a fun interactive level face to face, leaving the cell phones down where they belong. These icebreaking questions and be played with just the two of you, or with a large group of couples, which makes is great couples game to break out on game night! 

    If you are the new couple in the neighborhood, just joined a new Church, or  simply playing with long time friends, Rehab, a Couples Release, will get rid  of those awkward moments and pauses, and encourages couples to interact with each other on a deeper level than just the normal couples game. Rehab  guarantees that at the end of the game, all parties will be fast friends, making Rehab, A Couples Release the best couples game out on the market and makes you feel like you've taken your relationships through rehab! Get your copy of the best couples game today!