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    Naples couple creates conversational card games to "rehab the art of conversation". Rehab Gaming USA has created family games that make unique wedding anniversary gifts and birthday gift ideas!

    In a society that is controlled by smart phones and instant gratification, we have lost sight of the importance of face to face communication. Whether it is communication with your partner, family, or friends, we feel more comfortable expressing our thoughts behind a keyboard and screen instead of verbalizing our ideas in person. Rehab Gaming USA was developed to address this issue. Our card games are designed to help “game players” focus on communicating with each other in a non-intimidating way by asking fun, serious, and sometimes silly questions. Thus ‘rehabbing’ the art of conversation and getting back to basics.

    Rehab Gaming’s creators understand the difficulties of juggling work, school, kids, schedules, and day to day activities that distract us from what’s important in life-our relationships. Great conversations help build and strengthen those relationships and with Rehab Gaming’s card games, everyone will get talking, share memories, bring up ideas and discuss what is important to them.

    Each of our games are precisely engineered to focus on  specific life events. Our first two games available for purchase are Rehab-a couples release ™ and Rehab-a family’s release™.

    Rehab-a couples release™, is a couple’s card game that is designed to promote genuine interaction and entertainment between couples. A couples release can be played one on one for date night, or in a group setting. The game is 100% PG rated so feel free to play it with the in-laws or when your adult children bring over their significant other(s). The game asks relevant questions that were created by couples that allow each player to discuss topics that our partners want to hear. The game is guaranteed to bring you closer and help spark the conversations that gets lost in the normal day to day tasks.

    Rehab-a family’s release™, is our conversational game for families with children 5-13 years old. Along with the “art of communication”, the lost significance of the family dinner table has also become a concern in our modern times. By developing a family’s release, we celebrate the conversations you have with your children, step children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. The topics may be silly but they give our kids a platform to share their ideas, dreams, and what happened to them that day or week. By playing the game and emphasizing the importance of the family dinner time, you are creating a bond with them and teaching them to not take life too seriously, but that you always put your family first. 

    We hope you enjoy our games and welcome to the ‘Rehab’ family!