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    Calling all parents! It's time to put our families at the forefront again.

    We get it, life is full of distractions. Work, school, soccer practice, dance rehearsal and a whole gamut of other things that go on in the hours of the day. Add technology on top of that and we’ve become a society that prioritizes all the above mentioned before connecting with our families and building strong relationships with them. We at Rehab Gaming are tired of the excuses and want to do our part in putting light on the issue.

    Relationships can’t be built on text messages. Real communication can’t happen through SnapChat. So, let’s do something about it. Take the pledge and put your family first today!

    Our goal is to inspire parents and caregivers to participate in the #FamilyFirstChallenge by asking them to spend at least ONE hour a week (that’s it) to completely put away the phones and turn off the tv. Spend that hour with your family, whether it’s going for a walk, playing a game, or just talking face to face, commit to that one uninterrupted hour with them. Make your commitment by posting your pledge on social media with the #FamilyFirstChallenge.


    How to participate in the #FamilyFirstChallenge 

    1.) Pick a day and time that works best for your family. Put this day on your calendar as a recurring event. We understand that schedules change and things come up, but think of it as an important business meeting for work or a school function. Put that much importance on it as you would those things. 

    2.) Tell your family that on that chosen day for that chosen hour, no one is to have a phone in sight. Turn them off and put them away. If you are spending that hour out of the house, leave them at home. 

    3.) Make a pledge by posting your commitment on social media by stating you'll be participating in the #FamilyFirstChallenge. Make sure you tag @rehabgamingusa.

    4.) Share your stories with us! We want to know what you guys did during that hour. What you talked about and if you learned anything about each other. You can post a picture of the activity BUT ONLY AFTER the hour is up! ;) 

    5.) Inspire others to participate in the challenge. Get your friends and family on board.  

    6.) Challenge yourself to extend the time. See if you can go longer than an hour or more than just one day a week. Make it a lifestyle choice. 


    Want to get your school involved?

    Are you apart of a parent/teacher organization and want to implement the #FamilyFirstChallenge at your school? Get in contact with our Founder and President, Ashley Chaffee at ashley@rehabgamingusa.com and we’ll set you up with all the tools to put on your own #FamilyFirstChallenge.